Here is a collection of various course and personal projects I’ve worked on, some of which are completed while others are works in progress.


Here are miscellaneous projects and experiments which either aren’t written about in detail yet, or don’t have enough content for their own page.

GUI Experiment

An efficiency experiment of alternate menu bar and context menu designs.

Distributed Machine Learning Framework

Shell interface and settings hierarchy back-end framework for Java applications.

Amazons Artificial Intelligence

An artificial intelligence implementation for the board game “Game of the Amazons”.

Pool Table Image Analysis

Pool table representation model generation from a picture or video frame, using computer vision techniques.

Java Explicit Serialization

Explicitly defined Java object serialization library for files or network transfer.

Neural Image Representation

Experiment training a neural network to represent an image.

Lightweight Flexible GUI

A lightweight graphical user interface with flexibility in regards to screen resolution and color limitations.