Here are miscellaneous projects and experiments which either aren’t written about in detail yet, or don’t have enough content for their own page.

Fuzzy Integers

Instead of representing an integer as a series of binary bit values, this data object uses a series of fuzzy bits, being float values from 0 to 1. This allows for each integer to have a confidence level defined by the “sureness” of the fuzzy bits, allowing a confidence interval to be calculated for that integer. The main application of fuzzy integers is neural network output, allowing determination of the confidence or “sureness” of the network’s answer.

Color Library

This library is used for performing different operations on colors, represented by integer, float or double values, for RGB, HSV and alpha channels. Colors can be blended using different operations such as subtractive, multiplicative, or logical AND. Colors can be generated from gradients of any dimension, or generated to compliment or contrast a given color.

Cellular Automata Simulation

This project is a visual implementation of grid based cellular automata such as “Conway’s Game of Life” and elementary cellular automata. In addition to traditional binary automata, fuzzy/probability based automata are also implemented.

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