Lightweight Flexible GUI

The aim of this project is to create a simple component based graphical user interface, which is flexible enough to look good on a full color high resolution screen, while being able to downscale to even a low resolution monochrome screen. As a beneficial side effect, this allows for GUIs which take up very little screen space, or are densely packed with components. Due to its thematic and even nostalgic factor, it could even be used for simulating monochrome LCD screens in games.

This project is currently a work in progress, but currently implemented features include automatic component layouts, color themes, display options, and quad-tree optimization. Implemented components include panels, labels, buttons and toggles. Display options include rounded or square components, polychrome (allow more than one color), monochrome (force one color shade), wireframe, antialiasing, interpolation, and low resolution simulation scaling. Standard components such as menus, lists, sliders, charts, and loading bars are all planned.

Below is a sequence of different display setting being changed, on a display with three empty panels and one panel containing buttons, toggles, and a label:

Basic High Resolution
Automatic Layout Optimization
Simulated Low Resolution Scale
Interpolation and Antialiasing Disabled
Wireframe Enabled
Green Theme
Orange Theme and Polychrome Disabled
Polychrome and Monochrome Enabled
Blue Theme with Rounded and Polychrome Disabled
Scale Disabled
Gray on Black Theme

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